Music for film, tv, commercials, concerts and videogames.


I'm Andreas, a composer & orchestrator, born 1983, currently living in Stockholm, Sweden. During the years I've had the opportunity to work in the high-end music industry, with international events, artists, commercials, tv-series, video games and Youtube channels. I always guarantee delivery on time and within budget. Feel free to watch the showreel and browse through the showcase below.

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In contrast to many other in the music business, I'm not from a family with musicians. My interest in composing started "by itself" in my teenage years with electronic music. After hearing the soundtrack from the movie "Gladiator" I was thrown into the world of orchestral music, and decided to pursue that as a field of work. After 7 years of studies in two music academies (Örebro and Piteå), entering the freelance scene of Sweden, I've had the opportunity to work with several in the Swedish artist elite, with filmmakers, game studios and various other fantastic partners of collaboration.

I've never believed in division and/or hierarchy of genres or styles. I've worked mainly in the field of orchestral music, but, also other genres including jazz, pop, electro/EMD, folk/world music, big band, etc. Not bound to any specific genre – but still a classically trained composer – gives me a unique position and insight into estetiques in various styles. Also my technical knowledge and interest in the field of computers has helped me build a solid, fast-working scoring template with a huge collection of sound libraries, giving me a competitive palette of sounds.

Besides professional high-end work, I've also enjoyed working with hobbyists, amatuers and children. I believe anyone, at any level, deserves to perform and experience good, inspiring music presented at their specific level. I take this line of work as seriously as writing for the high-end artists/events, and believe it to be an important role in the cultural climate of our society.

Fields of work

  • Composing
  • Arranging
  • Orchestration
  • Music Production
  • "Add-on"-orchestration/string arrangements


  • Film/TV/Radio/Commercials
  • Video Games
  • Concerts/Events
  • Studio sessions/Records

If required, I can work mobile anywhere, at customer site.

Curriculum vitae

Samsung, Goodyear,, Finnmaster, Vermintide (Fatshark), Catella, Visma, Fastighetsägarna, Bambora, Angry Videogame Nerd, Handy (SF Studios), I Stop Time (SVT)

Nina Persson/Cardigans, Peter Jöback, David Lindgren, Carola Häggkvist, Loney Dear, Jennie Abrahamsson, Annika Norlin/Hello Saferide, Frida Hyvönen, Richard Söderberg, Jon-Henrik Fjällgren, Aninia, Victoria Tolstoy, Sofia Karlsson, Sonata Arctica, Soundtrack of our lives, Tingsek, Gabriella Gunčíková, Gunnel Mauritzon Band, Ale Möller/Frifot, Merit Hemmingson, Magnus Carlsson, Inga Söder, Frida Sundemo

Eurovision Song Contest, Melodifestivalen (Swedish ESC), Score Videogame Concerts, "Sagas" fantasy concerts, "We come in peace" sci-fi concerts, "The Horror" horror music concerts, "Far and away" film music concerts, Cabarét, Fighting Star - A new musical (Vaasa Theater), If/When (Malmö Opera)

Candy Bandit, ShowOff/Stardoll, Flowerpop Adventures, Vermintide (trailer music), Steam Wars Apotheos

Swedish Royal Philharmonics, Swedish Radio, Gothenburg Symphonic, Danish Radio, Malmö Symphonic, NorrlandsOperan, Västerås Sinfonia, Jönköping Sinfonia, Dala Sinfonia, Wärmland Sinfonia, Stockholm Sinfonia, Nordic Chamber (Sundsvall), Nordic Chamber (Piteå), Gävle, Malmö Opera, Trondheim, Oslo Philharmonic, Oulu Symphonic, Lahti Symphonic, Åbo Symphonic, Swedish Marine Wind Orchestra, Swedish Army Wind Orchestra, Oslo Wind Orchestra